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I studied Illustration at The North Wales School Of Art And Design, and am now attempting to promote myself as a freelance illustrator. I am currently based in Wrexham, North Wales. However I shall be relocating to Northampton later this year.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Proffesional Practice Finished Pin Up

About a month ago I posted about the Sleepless Phoenix Survival Stories Anthology(http://thesleeplessphoenix.blogspot.com/). On the 16th it was officially released atBICS, and with that in mind I decided to post the work that I did for the anthology.

The anthology had to be printed in black and white and so my original work had to be altered for the book (but only slightly). However I still prefer the original and so that version of the work will be posted rather than the black and white.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Professional Practice Sleepless Pheonix Pin Up

"On June 30, 2010, Insomnia Publications filed to cease trading with the UK companies house. Though Insomnia never officially informed his creators (or anyone) of this decision, all signs pointed to the end of Insomnia. And the creators, well, we were supposed to move on, chalk up a loss, and let all our hard work and dedication become a memory—lesson learned.

But we came up with a different plan. In the days following the news of Insomnia’s seeming end, one thing became clear: that all the creators involved believed in each other’s work. A mutual admiration was shared for the short comics that appear in this anthology, and we are determined to see it get the release it deserves.

And that’s how The Sleepless Phoenix—a collective of up-and-coming comics talent from both the UK and the US—was born. While the Comic Book Alliance works to settle the conflict of our publishing contracts, we took the only content that still belongs to us—this anthology."

Recently I have been working on a pin up for the sleepless phoenix comic book anthology, Survival Stories.
This project was given to me by my sister, Lauren Anne Sharp (http://laurenannesharp.blogspot.com) as she is also doing a pin up for the anthology.

For this project I began by brain storming ideas for an image to do with survival or a struggle to survive.
This gave me three main ideas which were an image of someone with their head in their hands, someone climbing a cliff or someone aiming a gun.
After some sketching I chose the man aiming a gun, I began by working on some of the sketches to make an inked idea while discussing it with my sister until I came to a good image.Since drawing this I have added a lamp to the background, I felt this gave a reason for him to be turning in panic, as well as adding blood splatter to the background. This is ambiguous as to whether he has shot someone or something else has happened. I also have chosen to colour it in black and white. I made two images one has red blood, which I shall use in my professional practice folder at University as this was how I saw my image coming out. The second image was the same, only the blood splatter was in white (inspired by Sin City) which will be used in the anthology as it will be printed in black and white.
The anthology can be found at:
Any pledges towards its publishing will be very much appreciated, it is released in October 2010.

I shall post the finished work at some point after BICS (British International Comic Show) in October.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Amelia's Magazine - Green Power

Doing a load of extra work for uni. This is a brief where I had to design a greener form of energy.
I chose a fusion reactor as although it takes a lot of energy to create and maintain the energy it produces is far greater, essentially using the same reaction that takes place in the sun to make an endless source of energy. And I had to illustrate my imaginings for a reactor.
much research followed and after a long week of drawing, printing, scanning, photo-shop and colouring and repeating all that I've finally come to a design I'm happy with.
And obviously I had to colour this and as I had gone for a steam punk style I had to use lots of coppers and brown colours, using a colour pallet pretty much of just orange and purple after hours of working today I'm finally set on my final image.

Monday, 22 February 2010


Spider 1
Spider 2
Spider 3

I am currently working on a non-fiction book cover, at uni. the requirements were a list of animals/ topics and a restricted colour pallet of 3 colours not including black.
I chose spiders as I noticed not many people in my group chose them, most likely as they are pretty offensive creatures and arachnophobia is common.
I have progressed 3 sketches into a photoshop coloured and acrylic and brush pen colour studies.

Monday, 8 February 2010

I Want You Parody

Since finishing my 9 page comic brief, I have been working on a new brief. Based around a toy of our choosing I needed to research and make a poster to do with climate change using the toy as inspiration.My choice was a possibly war hammer ogre that had been left in the student house I currently live at.From there I linked the ogre to Uncle Sam posters by J.M. Flagg:
Thinking he could be a earthy monster (with much reference to shadow of the colossus, PS2 game) and that he needs us to look after the planet. Then on thinking of his character I came to the idea of him being Atlas from Greek mythology. my final piece i think brings together these 4 elements into a poster, based at teenagers and you adults.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Concept Comic Art

Page 2Page 3Page 6Page 7Wow! entire day of colouring and after starting at 11:30am I have finally finished at 1:00am
this is my entire story. if your read it in order it sort of makes sense but its really not.

Page 1 : Man goes to front door, unlocks door with a Click, and goes up the stairs to his apartment.
Page 2 : He he washes his hands.
Page 3 : As he washes his hands his hands deform and an explosion from the sink pushes him away.
Page 4 : The explosion from the sink trashes his apartment leaving him in an empty room in shock.
Page 5 : A broom falls over notifying Man that there is a giant set of pure white curtains.
Page 6 : He investigates the curtain.
Page 7 : He opens the curtain and dark red liquid pushes him.
Page 8 : He falls to the floor and he drops a bottle of pills and a gun.
Page 9 : he takes the gun and puts it to his head alone in the empty room, Click.

More Comic Work

Have whizzed through 5 of the 9 pages of this comic book brief. unfortunately the next 4 pages are a set of 2 double page spreads so i can't imagine them being the easiest... hence being last to be done. this is the first time i have properly used photoshop to colour work and so far I'm impressed at myself (I had imagined a far worse turn out)

Page 1

Page 4

Page 5

Page 8

This has been a very influential brief and I have been enjoying it and can only see it opening new doors to explore for my late work. I shall most defiantly be using photoshop more, and getting a better graphics tablet.

Back to work on these double page spreads...

Comic Art Last Page

This is page nine of my comic/ concept art.
to be honest its a very simple page and didn't take me very long to do for obvious reasons the hardest decision with this page was background colour, my brief did not allow dark atmosphere limiting my use of black. this lead me to take a leaf out of my sisters work for kronos city and work with dark reds.
If possible I will post the rest of my pages along with some rough work (if my A4 scanner works for a change that is)

Monday, 25 January 2010

Pen Work

Considering this is the first time I've used a brush pen I think that it turned out quite well this is the first and last pages of a 9 page comic.

Page 1

Page 9