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I studied Illustration at The North Wales School Of Art And Design, and am now attempting to promote myself as a freelance illustrator. I am currently based in Wrexham, North Wales. However I shall be relocating to Northampton later this year.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Concept/ Comic Ideas

I have not been able to post any updates in a while due to having so much work to do at uni. But the work is paying off and by next week I shall have roughs scanned and ready to post.

Currently the brief I am focusing the majority of my efforts on is my narrative brief.
it started as soon as the summer holidays were over, so its been a lot of work, at the start we were told to chose a genre of book/film/comic and being the horror buff, you can imagine what i chose. we were told to point out just ten cliches and essentials in our genre.
for horror mine were as follows :
  • Dark atmosphere
  • Entices emotions of fear, terror and horror
  • Involves themes of death, supernatural and/or mental illness
  • Plays on insecurities
  • Fast vivid shots (film)
  • Suspense driven
  • Contains subtle yonic and phallic imagery
  • Violence
  • Causes tension
  • Artistically creepy
Of course i later found my characteristics of a horror was very detailed perhaps too detailed, especially when i found that the later majority of the brief was to create a set of images or comic book that still falls within our chosen genre but doesn't follow any of our ten characteristics.
However through loopholes and knit picking at what I might have meant rather than what i did mean i have managed to write my story. initially a comic but its slowly progressed to more of conceptual art. although still in the roughs stages, which are particularly scratchy, work nonetheless is very much on the way. I'm looking forward to what i churn out as to be honest where I'm at surprises myself!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Life Drawing

This is some life drawing sketches I did last year. Its nothing special but the start of my posts of old work I'm proud of.

Another Karl

This is another drawing I did for the Kronos City blog. Unfortunately it will have to stay as a line drawing as I am swamped with uni work, some of which I will post soon.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


This is something I drew recently for http://www.kronoscityblog.com/.
This is Karl who is a character in the kronos city graphic novel (to see full details visit the kronos city blog).
My sister Lauren Anne Sharp is colourist for kronos city and posted on the blog asking for entries for peoples opinions of what karl looks like to them.
My entry along with others will be displayed on the blog as well as at the Thought Bubble Convention in Leeds. I shall be sending and posting more as I am interested in getting more involved with Lauren's work http://www.laurenannesharp.blogspot.com/.

I shall post older work as well in due time.

Nathan Sharp Illustrations

Hi my name is Nathan Sharp.
I'm currently studying Illustration at university in wales.
I have only recently started this blog as aid in professional practice and as some added promotions before I finish university so as I might be able to find a job, hopefully following my sisters footsteps into the comic book industry.